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100x Explained

Many people are plagued with not feeling worthy to accept the total leverage 100X brings. Living in servitude to debt without the inner witness of the 10X identity they possess, and the partnership that creates the 10X fold of relationship, that creates a 100 fold. Wanna learn something new?

The reality is it's ancient knowledge found all through society of those who understand inheritance. Inheritance is not just reserved for the wealthy, it's understanding privilege.

Relationship begin to blossom, and take on the value you exchange and the presence of that value. More understanding of worth, equals prosperity of soul, which creates the value of a 100X lifestyle. Which destroys poverty.

Today we look at your 10X identity and how to manifold your relationships in the presence of one I want you to meet.


Zero Loss

Many people don't see what I see about an icon in the history of the scandal of modern Christianity. My loss was very great: the loss of a father, a mother, after a brother died in a perfect storm. The one thing that would destroy a family and the most painful cause of debt was GREED.

Coming to Jesus was not the product of a over-hyped sensational promise of wealth. I was met by one who showed me the secret, hidden from humanity for millenniums. A unique favor for the broken and hurting, who are disgusted with modern theology.

The crushing blow of heresy would lead to a bout with homelessness, mental hospital stays over a course of 10 years. During this time of suffering I grew distant from stagnant religion; but was bound at the feet of Jesus who taught me rare keys to recovery what I could not find at church.


Gamma Rays

Gamma rays are the multiplication of fire, and a model for splitting the leadership of a team into an Empire. Today God is returning dynasty living as he is raising up people that don't just look at themselves as a workforce - but a Kingdom.

In today's message we are shedding light on the world system on purpose, so you will learn to split from the image of the beast, and take on the noon day presence of Jesus as your source of inspiration.

There are two kinds of fire; natural integrity that gives presence to God in the expression of knowledge, and a strange fire that is about the destruction of society through idols. While you learn about your true mindset; you will learn the keys to the duplicity in leadership and how to avoid the trap and failure of idolatry.

Today you can multiply!


Climate Control

Have you noticed the heat of success brings a negativity from those who are cold and in need of comfort? Success has with it a lot of challenges that need the right tools to turn opposition into opportunity.

Profitability is the ability to show a new kind of response to opposition; because behind the biggest bully on the success block, is a whole class room of education that will shock and stun those, who are used to being rejected and rejecting those who threaten their position.

As you grow in the light of the noon day reality of the prosperity of soul, you will notice the enemies of progress and will be in need of the tools to control your learning climate, so rejection is not repeated and hold you to their oppression.

Today I teach the keys to climate control.

Now that we know that a climate of learning is established, we can now learn the nature of authenticity inside; because our outer environment is safe from harm.


In today's lesson we learn to focus into the future of the land we want to navigate tomorrow, by an inner navigation of honesty to engage by an inner voice of strategy before we act.

This is generating a destiny we can see internally, before we actually engage emotionally with our relationships. This is a realm of creating excellent communication with the governor of the ship before you speak. This is the lesson to harnessing your gift of hearing, and speaking your promises and claims of the new world view.



Heavenly Jerusalem.jpg

Destiny Mindsets

Brand Ambassador Training.jpg

Today you are going to learn how to laugh at your ignorance, to help you with today's growth pattern. This accelerated class is not for those who cannot choose to laugh at  the duplicity they have lived in; but it is for those who want to soar above the slavery to a world system that seeks to undermine your integrity gained to this point.

With this lesson you will see that there are no borders to keep you back from taking flight into your promise land. This is the answer billions need, and if you were to be paid a $1 for every person you were to share this growth hack with you would be overcome with the provision of vision.

This is what separates mere business as it used to be, and gives you a global position as an influence to endless problems that would pay you a very sufficient price to always be in business and social influence.



10X is a reality; but it's also in need of the very discernment of which side of history you choose to walk on. Modern takes on a 10X rule of performance creates many giants of competition, and that enslave you to a place of unemployment; because they don't realize it's not something that needs fulfillment, it is something already fulfilled in you by one man's emergence from humanities slavery.

Today you will learn the victory of the one who separates you from the slavery to endless work, and brings you out  of competition to your opponents, into your promise land of endless joy, that will be the rock that topples the giant of the world system. Today is the day you emerge as a blazing example of someone who is coming from a victory with zero loss. Reckon your enemies dead.


A new Race

Look at that man run out of the past. That is a picture of you trading a past of debt to addictions, into a race of new life as one united tribe, of the emerging family. Debts are canceled and a life of new inheritance is present. Are your ready?


Today you end discipline, and begin to learn that delight is the armor to resist the old habits, and build a future of new habits that discipline create; when you accept the choice to delight your way into new discipline.

This is an end to law as you have known it, and a beginning to take a new 10X fulfilled identity, and multiplicationof the fruit of your new character, with Jesus creating a partnership of a 100X reality. No more will you settle for less that your fulfilled best!


Your Predicted Future

There is an imminent moment predicted by a Seed; the moment you come into the fullness of your predicted future. Man has known deep inside that a future event is coming. Many have predicted the end of the world; but no one has known the timing of new life.

All the moments leading to this ninth month of development ,was a process of relationship to birth a new man, and woman in your soul, and family, from what you have on the inside of you, by promise made throughout your history, and all of history.

Now today I reward you with stunning procured film rights, to give you a short film to rest in your accomplishments of gestation to this crowning moment; where you see an end to death and the future that we all will behold together.

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