G Logic

Do you know the secret to living in full enjoyment of the Generational Promise and being free from control by the world system? It all comes down to the tap root of who you say your identity is and the growth from foundation knowledge. In today's lesson you will hear shocking truths that will unravel your authority, your vision, and your purpose.

Priority sets precedence to the way you build your life and the results along the way. You could have limited investment in knowing your authority and where you get authority or you could invest a healthy time learning greater privilege than just paying bills. Many today live with the authority handed to them by tutors and government while despising authority and not knowing the inner limitless authority they already possess. What if you were a royal child?

If you were royalty what would be your vision? It's a responsibility. It's a daily inheritance of thought that builds your communication. Vision multiplies as you witness the wisdom that you inherit as a royal member of a greater family. Wisdom gives you options, not limits. Options to breath easy, more abundant and less concerned about the outcomes. This wisdom becomes the path of least resistance as you begin to learn how to create the flip of your circumstances.

Angles of approach give variety to the event of prophesying your future the way you visualize it first. Your words hold power and are honored by the highest authority you entertain. Authority upholds words you learn because promise is the inherited nature of your being. You sow your future by what you speak. Are you conscious of your inheritance or merely passing by your wealth?

Today you will embark on lessons that have unfolded from the highest realm of council that has shaped a billionaire mindset and the results of setting people financially free for life to bring revival to the globe. The 1% tap root of your identity determines your visualization of the world and the system you walk in. Now today you can inherit a billionaire perspective and walk in the roots of a more royal family or merely pass by your wealth and live with a meager position as a slave to the system. Make the priority to learn about your inheritance. This is the age of major opportunity. Are you seeing the times in the right way?

Let's tune into today's message!

Gigitize the Gospel