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Clinically it is proven that a tumor is a result of a concentrated, complex, vortex within a person caused by trauma. Even in it's less detectable stages, it shows up as missed opportunities, slow resolve and road blocks in things like business. People pass by billions of dollars because they do not know how to seek the help they need, get stuck in endless recovery, and do not learn the keys to solving these problems from within. This is called "Threat Cycles".

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Get the Top Level Education From Billionaire Adoni Ampelos Tav on how to transfigure wealth into life time savings and global transfiguration. Award winning Geo Campus and VIP Theatre welcomes you on a journey to claiming a 7 Year PHD, 5 Year Master, 4 Year Bachelor, 2 Year Associates in Human Resource Management and Top Level Presidential Commissioning all for one lifetime price. Learn by the Experience of the Best Motivational Films of the Century, Transformative Lectures, Insider Information, Principles to Wealth, Keys to Personality Asset Creation, Growth Management, Faithful Stewardship, Vertical Placement, Honor and Prestige, Rapid Procurement, Predictive Acquisition, Unshakeable Presidency. Yours today for $20,000 or learn how to break the encryption of the Vault for Free Education. You break the law you break your hand, you serve the law you serve your hand. Coming from one who now serves a monthly budget of 5 Billion a month, $7MM an hour growth, by using the principles that have created a top level presidential hedge fund to create a royal family and a royal alliance to raise societal standards and cripple the power of corruption, and raise the poor to a new land of opportunity and teach leaders conservation and liberality.

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