Day 3 Accessing Harvest

Personality is the goodness of your character concealed beneath the seal and honor of confidence: Only the hungry get to peal away your confidence to access the harvest. This is the electrifying moment of emergence.

This thrilling experience is when you no longer hide your emotions; but harness the ability to release prophetic power, to cause momentary light afflictions of others to become weighty treasures of God's glory. It's a learning process.

When we learn our ashes of defeat give way to new heights of joy as the oil is poured into our vessels, we cannot help but share the overflow of knowledge with those around us.

Crowns are for captives that have learned to harvest from the pain of yesterday and build tomorrow's home of refuge.

Day 4 Creating tomorrow

In today's episode we will look at a season where the cross of seasons is burning ushering in dreams of a tomorrow once it's burned away.

The shame of yesterday was a thorny cross of past seasons where Eden was far from you; but today you can step into the 4th day of a new season of time where you learn how to bring increase while you partner with God.

God brings heat to the season of time where you planted seeds of understanding, that now are brought the increase to by the fire of the noon day presence of your mentor in your atmosphere.

Today we will discuss in part this new paradigm, where you are not waiting on God alone to bring increase, you become the increase of His passion.


Day 5 | Watchman | A Reverse of Time

Do you know the beasts of the field, and what the watchman is doing? Today we give you the ability to name the beasts of the field and claim the meat of Prophesy.

Honor is the key to understanding the beasts of prophecy. Each actor in the field is named once you discern how to decide.

Decision gives distinction to the realm of your tomorrow. It's an assigned understanding of how to name what you are discovering about prophecy.

The moment you can name something you have discovered, you then have the ability to predict it future behavior whether that is profitable for your future, or harmful for the lack of honor bestowed.

Beasts have to be tamed by the power of prophecy or else they can overtake your tomorrow land.