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Why Tomorrow is never Promised but Today

"Your significance is not found in another, but unrivaled in who you are!" - Adoni Vine


My story lapses into a long many years where I doubted who I was, and what I had, and where I needed to go to make my life become something of significance. The fact is, I did not take a travel into the unreached areas of life to find significance. I stepped inside and asked a question. "Lord, here I am, what do you have to say to me?" This began a journey I teach about in this website about how to hear the voice of God. During the many years of learning how much of a friend Jesus wanted to be, He killed the number one enemy to significance, the fear of not being enough. Having a father that never was pleased with my choice of destiny, I learned that you cannot please others all the time; but God is significantly pleased with you. Learning how unique and balanced I am, I saw how versatile I could be in shaping revival in the earth and completely destroying the opposition of unbelief. The reality is no body has the unique combination of gifts I have or you have; but when we partner our uniqueness, we have a 100 fold position of power to change the nations.





"The journey to speak predictively your future begins with writing out your testimony so others can run with it. Its your vision. It's your gift. You learn the gift and the gift teaches you your future." - Adoni Vine

When you think about somebody else's gift you have a choice; you can aspire to be like them and become lost, or you can see a semblance that echoes how you are similar to the point of difference. You will never be Michael Jordan. He could sum up a life time of training into three short words, fly high over the competition and dunk the game winning ball -saying "Just do it!" However you can be you. I don't say "Just do it." I say "Its done!" Why? For me I am already years ahead of the competition, with years of experience before I unleash my secrets. I revise myself so stringently, rehearing all the objections to my gift so it polishes my sword, then when I go into battle the victory is won with a few short words ending in "It's finished" far before people even engage in battle with me. I echo Jesus at the cross. You see every battle you face has been won already. There are forerunners with the answers - saving you time, energy and money. So when you have a battle no body can answer you have the unique training to handle your own front line battles. Why I say you are unrivaled is because God only created one

person like you. A simple test... Think if you were to use your thumb print to be identified as me. You could not do it. You would not match. Identity is so intrinsically unique that you have rearranged facets of the Creator in you, so that you serve a unique roll. He has created the poor and the rich for humility and honor to simultaneously exist to create balance. You could not become rich if you didn't have the unique blueprint on how I overcame poverty. I would not have something to do with my time if I didn't have the humility of the needs of the nations asking me how to overcome unique obstacle I have been challenged by and served my finished work.

We each die to what we cannot do, until Jesus teaches us his techniques, uniquely fashioned for our design. He has often told me when facing a problem, "There are millions of ways it could be done." I ask a handful of questions till I see the path of least resistance. 

The path of least resistance is the shortest way to reach from point A to point B and create breakthrough. Many pastors fly through out the earth in a 

weary toil to reach people groups and start a revival. I just post a video on face book and invite 10's of thousands to a page uniquely created with my voice and images that wonderfully would take years to capture if I were to travel. I travel by the speed of light on a satellite signal reaching people that cannot go to the rallies; because of no transportation, sickness, or just being shy. I understand those things. They have often been a unique chain that keeps me in the creative realm with God producing artwork for my media, videos and music. I like the computer because I can program it to replicate me more than what I could do just myself. Reaching way more people. You have a unique gift.


Maybe you don't want to reach the globe so fast, maybe you want to travel by foot to a near by village and preach. Whatever your method you are going to like to hear this unique message I have prepared for you about your future. There is only one you that does what you do, knows how you do it, so nobody knows your secret till you tell them. Today I teach you my secrets to motivation, and how dreams come to pass. All by learning about Jesus.


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