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Financial DNA

Today you will hear a meditation that will open up your potential. With new thoughts comes higher values which cause your brain to start functioning with higher resonance with the world around you. This will cause you to start to attract a greater way of living because you are living by higher standards. This means you will no longer suffer with people of lower standards and start to live as kings and queens. This is whole new beginning.

This class will also impart the vital lesson about what higher vision does. With a higher vision you start to attract the relationships that give you honor where it is due. Too many times people shun the opportunity cause they don't identify with it and also cause they have not sown the equity for higher honor. Today all that changes, in this brief meditation.


DNA UNcoded

Now today you will get the uncoding of the full blueprint on how I created a 10 billion dollar network without ever having to get stuck in traffic, held up in meetings, or entangled with relationship problems. I call it the path of least resistance.

Today I will teach you how I created 1.4 million in debt relief to the cost of living for an entire lifetime. Plus I will teach why I sacrificed that 1.4 million nearly five years later to have access to 10,000% more, that was used to fund children's education.

You will learn how seeds are reciprocal access points to greater resource pools and how you don't have to actually work with any body in person if you want the path of least resistance. Also you will learn about the invisible realm of finance, and how to call into being what you need.


The Fathers Blessing

Get the complete library from the free content section. A complete understanding on the things you need to access your harvest without any setbacks or delays through emotional strongholds that enemy mindsets cause in the access of wealth. You will learn why having God's blessing is needed in order to obtain your rights and privileges.

Without this training, many attempts to access wealth do not follow the path of least resistance and will not see the results described above.

Get the complete series today for your generous support already given.


The Predictive realm

In this series you will have a complete look on how prediction works. This too is a vital series to understand the unwavering confidence that is associated with this process. You will learn why you cannot rely on your own ability from what you know, and how you need higher realms of revelation to discern where your harvest is as well as the hidden realms of opposition, known as the beasts of the field. This series will give you more than just knowledge on finance; but the reasons why so many people do not have access because of opposition.

A diligent student will not grow weary of the process; but will learn to pace themselves in the gentle process of growing, that is mightier than the use of force. Get acquainted with these free resources. Thank you for your support!

Day 1
Day 3
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Harvest Grapes
Day 2
Day 4

Today you will get a vital series of broadcasts that will illuminate you to the process of walking out prediction. This is where things get really good. You will also learn the keys of reciprocity and the reason for lack.

It's time for a reset. To reset your future you need to access this material to get ready for a full new season of developing your character.

A complete character will have no problem managing the new territory and will be highly equipped to handle greater realms of finance.

Get these final free gifts as a final free access to what you have gained through your support.

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Secret of Reciprocity

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