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Jesus revealed to me in heaven that Eve has had a dream to recreate the Earth since she went to heaven. Since then; young actresses and models have been prophetically recreating the way we look at the human body apart from the corruption of darkness. When we peer into the deep eyes of Jesus we see a Candle of the Father's Heart to give Eve her dreams through young model's, like Abigail Ratchford.

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Women can learn about. . .

A life of fame has not come easy for Abigail at first. Raised with Ancient Catholic roots, she was given the dream of a large family and plenty of prosperity; because God's promises are true. She never left those dreams behind. Working as a paralegal, secretary, and bar tender; she thought there had to be more to achieving her dreams.

Modeling came easy! Her young innocent image was the craving of other men with like dreams; but the bar stool of sports can be sometimes the reason why women crave a more humble man of promise and not the quick fame of revealing too much too quick. The plan God had for her was to explore her image; while recreating the Eve like evolution to Queen. Now today she has learned a lot about industry privilege and industry folly.

Want to learn her new secrets to success and avoid the bar stool? Then you need to learn about sex in the courts of a King.

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So what is premarital terms

In the Kingdoms of men and God there is a Latin term called Fornix. Fornix means arches. Arches describe legal realms of courtship. Courtship with family, courtship with a member in the community like early church roots or courtship in business. Courtship really means the spiritual likeness you have with someone else in their true identity found in the spirituality one possesses in their spirit. Spirit life is always as innocent as the knowledge one's spirit has.

Being an eternal spirit we never lose the knowledge we have, it's eternal; but one can be shy of understanding a legal realm of courtship because they were never fully trained as a child. Public affairs before marriage are legal in the outer courts; but encouraged by the church courts to discover the full intimacy of what one flesh means. Jesus said; when two become one flesh they have united in spirit, soul, and body for eternity. If they deny that courtship, it creates a wound of rejection in the soul. This is the limits of public affairs.

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God adores you! He is not mad at you; he longs to see the dreams he gave you come to fullness. That is why he is fathering you right now and saying: "Hey take my shield of knowledge from my Son. He created courtship in Eden."

Shielding the Heart

Abigail has learned a lot about the exploitation of sex by the witty endeavor of men seeking the same; what is now understood is that many in the industry have not known that their lack of knowledge has created a market place that is wounding young men and women with the night life of a date that never materializes in marriage.

The scene is all so familiar to Holly Wood; but the grace to heal and direct has largely been held in the hiding church. The book of Revelations talks about this market place in the end times. A market place of sexual freedom, but a lack of knowledge; creating a drunken harlot known as the whore of Babylon. She is the avenger of dreams because of the wound of rejection of fornication. So we are urged to leave the outer courts of public affairs and shield our childhood dreams of family life and a healthy home life full of flourishing dreams.

Abigail has a spirit to share that re creative plan for your life by teaching you how to step into fuller creative plans!


Chastity Angel | A Squirt of Holy Water

God has shared a revelation with me of a Chastity Angel that has been assigned to Abigail to protect her with a new strategy to not harm Holly Wood; but to train young women to guard their dreams. This angel is also a captain of chastity to a whole battalion of angels who will guard the women who want to learn from Abigail's story. Women are encouraged to choose; if they are in a public affair of courtship, they need the long patience of God to use their sexual leverage to train the man to honor one flesh and heal together.

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Purity is a matter of honoring what level of sexuality you understand. Things learned in Porn are not illegal with God; He created the knowledge of good and evil. The true intent of courtship is to enjoy the good of the engagement, and to shun evil.

When there is a level of Master/Servant; this means you agree to the man for that level of courtship. It's not evil, it is biblical and Edenic. What a woman fully craves is to know her man as a joint heir.

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Dating Arrangements


Should you bear your breasts to a man or the public? Well you need to understand Eden never kept any part of the body private from the family. Sex was learned in openess. While animals were viewed mating in open, the young Edenic Family was no different. Adam and Eve mated openly.

In the 21st Century courtship and bearing your breasts has implications in a world that has been drunken with fornication and leading to less family life. This is where you learn to cover your edenic beauty with the sphere of influence you want to create; that all so desired home and family.

Electric Love

Since the electric bill has to be paid; you probably ought to focus on career. Career paths means that dating should be like minded; and Abigail has learned that 9 Million followers has its extreme advantage; but now some daunting limitations to culture and value as you have learned so far. Now she is openly witnessing how Electric Love is more about keeping yourself for your man.

The heart is really where eternal matters are carried. Marriage is the full intent of Edenic nights; so when you start to bear your beauty you should think, is this man ready for a lightning bold of love? If you know he can handle the beauty and stay with you, then you know courtship will lead to the moment you openly mate in the house.

Jesus said the moment a man desires another woman to the extent of marriage, he purposed his future. If she is another man's wife; then he has created Adultery.

Since some men are less restrained in their knowledge; it is wise for a woman to cover her beauty in an electric bill of career choices that will pay the lights, and a man that would join in that pursuit first. This leads to less men be tripped up on their electric bills.

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Rescuing Harlots


Jesus gave me a vision when I met Abigail where I saw this image in my mind. I asked Jesus what he was doing? He said he was on a mission to rescue harlots. A harlot is a woman who does not understand what has been shared this far. If you read this far, chances are you've been rescued by the courtship of this King Jesus. He is a lover of extreme patience and lightning bolt fire and passion. He loves all he created for a man and woman; and so desires they experience the fullness of intimacy with him; so their dreams can be full and eternal. - Artist: Tav Bevan


Sex Angels

Did you know there are sex angels? In the book of Proverbs we have a clue to where we began in Eternity. It says a servant learns in his Master's house till he becomes a Son or Daughter. Jesus revealed in a heavenly encounter that there are sex angels. They are angels that are learning from Jesus the nature of holy sex. They also share revelation in their prayers; they shoot fire or even arrows of prayer to our hearts.


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More so you should know that we all were created as Angels first. The Hebrew Angel means image. As angels we learned in heaven from God till we understood everything for our assignment and family plans on the earth. Once we reached that level of mastery we became sons and daughters to God. Paul reveals this extraordinary view in Ephesians when he says we have been chosen before the foundations of the earth. That word chosen in Greek means set on a discourse. Not only have I read the Holy Catholic Bible; but have been in heaven with Jesus at his feet learning about where Abigail and I first met.

Once we were born into flesh, we started the process of walking as servants to full grown men and women; till we learned of our heavenly origin that gives us the authority to walk as Sons and Daughters of God on the earth. This passion is not a deliverance from hell; but it will limit time in Purgatory if you choose to heal your soul now, instead of sin being burned away with hell fire - either way we are all saved by fire, and will return to claim our wings as Sons and Daughters completing our mission. Hell is temporary! Eternity is forever. Choose the fun and exciting path of healing, and the tree of life will be yours now. The lake of fire is only for one thing: sinful flesh. Sin is not your nature! The anointing oil of true pleasure surpasses anything else; that's where you get your knowledge.

See God created every seed to have a fathers presence, the mother nature of Christ the creator, and the Sound Spirit of Gods voice to create our spirit together in him in the Seed of Life our Spirit, and individually in our autonomy with him.

We always do his will. Even if we serve the devil in times of temptation. Even then we give back to the devil our sin.


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By now you see that at garden level your journal of dreams has been written all along by Abigail's courtship with Jesus. She sees a deep need in humanity for love. That's what she has always stood for, and what she always will be known for. Alot more enjoyable than where Catholism lost its romance with Jesus and began condemning everything Jesus ever taught them. The truth is Catholic means universal church. In early times it never meant people that don't smoke, or drink the dew - it meant every human creature and the animals were God's family.

We are all brothers and sisters: whether you are black and fond of lighter skin or white wanting a sun tan; marriage is universal to God. It's the wisdom that we are all birds of the feather and we can flock together and enjoy an evening of jazz, toke ancient herb, drink new wine, court with our mate, have children, and even mate on that exotic beach some where. You even know that there are some mysteries to Jesus right now. How can a King have more than one bride, and obviously feel all our passions and enjoyments of sex equally together with us, while we share the same seed of life.

Yes wrath is only one thing. It's holy passion marriage feast of love and lightning bolt sex in the courts with our King, whose love is a Orge (Greek for Wrath in the Bible) of passion to overthrow the darkness of stuffy religious attitudes that don't respect his thoughts, and overturn that lustful college hood passion to own more women than he has respect for.

Learning to guard your heart and respect God is the key to all the pleasure you want and is the Midas touch to wealth as a King and Queen of your families future. If you want to know more about dating, career choices, marriage, family life, wealth independence and more: tune into Abigail Ratchford Bevan Orbital Relationships below and enjoy a full free subscription to short films, music, digital art prints from Abigail, and documentaries that will whip Holly Wood into shape once again, joining all to the marriage feast to come. Women, dress for the man you want in bed for eternity. It's your choice. Public affairs last for a night but joy comes with a man who stays in the morning. That man for now is Jesus!


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