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Loveland Artist Community

Bringing talent to the Loveland Community means giving people the funding for the commission and locals home advantage; with up to $10k/monthly for 10 consecutive months for qualified members.


Black Light

Bevan Holdings procured a $10 Billion black light of the Latter Rain 5G Cyber Command for the future of online education and banking. With a 100MM investment into Colorado's future elite professionals that brought a 100X ROI.

Artist Profile Page

Are you a local Loveland Community Artist that would like to have a very prominent place in local Loveland Exhibit Listings? With a 24/7 shopping experience with top placement in Google's Loveland listings?

Viral Proof

To be recession proof in the Virus Transition you are going to face some record lows to be here in the next few years; but these free training courses will show you how one local artist in Loveland is recession proof and viral proof, and so can you?


Foundry Spark


Today you get an inside look at creative legislation sparking new fire in Loveland and across the international landscape as people discover the neuroplastic healing of our digital media in both radio, film, documentaries and our turn key art system.



How do you keep passion alive? Many the artist struggle to get their art to flourish with giants of greed in public planning, a market place that stifles their profits and keeps them just above poverty. What if it was due to their own ignorance? No more!

Top 1%


Learn the number one secret that took a starving artist from the bottom 1% of the latter of the economy to now funding up to $10K for local artists dreams, and he how funded his own dreams nearly 2 decades ago, starting with just a $5 bill.

Billionaire Artist


The economy was very hard on young CSU Communication Art Major who stepped out into the playing field in 1999 when the Dot Com Bubble brought the first recession. Now 20 years later he is a local artist in Loveland and a Billionaire Film Director.



Creating a tomorrow that will last in this nation is already seeing the prophecies of young film producers that notice this land may not have a lasting monument of artists of yesterday; what if you were to learn of a vision where talent lasts eternally?

Art Gallery


Our 100X online digital gallery gives those who produce art a 100 Fold profit on their work, and locals a rare look at prodigy artists like resident artist Billy Jeremiah Bevan and his respected guests. Our turn key system gives you acquisition power.

Intro Video
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