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Learn how to live to the fullest of your potential as Kings and Queens. We bring you the best of fire and rain. Fire to destroy your opposition, and rain to recultivate your life. You will learn the difference between living as a slave, earning your wealth vs. living from the understanding of inheritance with full supply from an anchored identity and full assurance of who you are - the power to be a change agent in the world. You will learn why if you don't understand this one fundamental key, you will never have the profits of your dreams. Get a full 3 hours of learning the art of prediction and how it's stronger than the gurus who teach manifesting outcomes. Get the keys to how to heal your heart and even the organs of your body from stress - the same technique that opened a deaf woman's ears in five seconds. I will also rush to you the keys to this new season. Secrets about the coming new president that will usher in peace. The truth about Trump. Plus get access to hidden films, predictions, and a full 5 album library of the latest and hottest Hyper Sonic Worship! Get Access Now!






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Artwork by Adoni Bevan

I want to take a moment to dictate to you what Jesus is saying from heaven. "Do you know that I am He who divided the Light from the Darkness and considered a permanent separation from the moment I spoke it into being. Satan was divided from my Creation the moment I made that decree, even the waters are bounds that obey my voice since that time, how much more do you think Satan obeys me. He bids with echoes at my gates, He has to ask me permission before he does any evil. Like the tide of the seas, they never go beyond what I permit. So too is the desolation of wickedness at my permission, always. Never once does Satan have freedom to pursue his agenda without asking me first. I only warrant evil, I never do it myself, when Satan serves my agenda to cleanse the world of evil with the fire of hell, that only my original intent will stand as a foundation for eternity. You build a house with mortar, because you first asked me in heaven. Do you not know that you exist simultaneously with the me in heaven and on the earth? That's why I said that the 

the Son of God is in the bosom of the Father while I walked as the Son of Man. I only said and did what my Father showed me prior to my Eartlhy birth in Bethlehem. I was born to show you the way you have always existed with me, since the sons of God battled and Satan fell. Do you not know that sons return to the Father, even the most prodigal son, Satan, is a Son of the Morning star that will take on flesh as the antichrist before evil is purged in the lake of fire and all sons return spotless to the Throne? Do you not know I said nothing that my Father gave me will I in no wise lose? Satan has hidden these mysteries through heresy to reveal my glory to the Earth at a specific time as now. Traditions will fade as the fire storm of the first trumpet of my Seventh Seal burns the rugged crosses of people's suffering to cling only to the Glory of my Majestic Seated position. Know that Eden will reclaim you simultaneous as the Earth is purged by fire. Don't you know I use Satan to end a season, only to give you the Holy Spirit and refresh you, all at the same time. The process to glory in that builds the endurance you will eternally keep to end a season as

a foolish virgin that denies me with her meanderings after the hidden fears in the woods. Don't you know those needless fears of Satan burn up your oil and freeze you in the night with out light? But now you know you don't need to search out those mysteries, I reveal them when you trim the lamp and keep in step with my Spirit to the point of wild celebration when I come to you in the moment of the night you know not. My visitation is not to give you a visit but a wild celebration in the marriage chamber of my Kingdom. Men and women of the Earth, it is time to exit the courts of Egypt and claim the bridal mirth of the marriage bed with uninhibited passion to adorn each other with the fascination of exploratory muse of all the intricate ways I please you with adorning you with my worship in and outside the body. Cannot a man talk about his union with his bride without shame? That's my union, my husband, my bride, fashioned as me for you, with me, as I have chosen. Therefore sip deep and easy in the pleasures of what man calls sin, but what I call righteous. These Edenic Keys are my Father's Inheritance, not Satan's keys. Faith is Heaven's future."


"I want my people to know, that everything I do is of ease, nothing is too difficult for me and my Father. When I see your problem I literally laugh, why? Because the god of this world is so foolish to think he can create hardship I cannot solve. I use the devil to hide my glory so that you seek me with all your heart to know, it's easy for me to solve your problems." Words of Jesus


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