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Today you have the opportunity to slay the opposition to your destiny. Billions of people are oblivious to how to solve critical and hidden problems in their psyche that hold them back from the critical step into the next level of success. Genetically it is proven that people replicate patterns of defeat in their DNA, holding people to low ceilings of success. Today I give you proven techniques on how you can use the power of intuition to pinpoint subconscious blockages, and how you can become your own doctor and solve them by learning the power of what I call Ghost Logic, the secret to Einstein's high IQ, and the secret that helped me overcome learning disabilities, mental illness, and poverty. Today I will unveil my chronicles of notes that I took that helped me overcome the trauma and imminent threat of death, that threatened my career, work, and success; how I lost nearly all access to my wealth, and my home, during a near death experience, and the secrets I received from the other side. You will also learn how this threat led to severe isolation and psychosis, and how I rallied a whole floor of patients into a breakthrough of getting them all off the floor before I left the hospital using these techniques. If you are stuck or unmotivated, or lost your drive; today you will get the keys to find direction, purpose and satisfaction by identifying the weak link, and using it as a catalyst to recovery, extreme progress, and sudden reward.



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