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Where do you think fire comes from? How are you delivered from curses? When free, how easy is it to spend time in the throne room kissing Jesus feet, and learning from him? What do you say I talk about my lovely friend Jesus for a while?

Tribal Guardian Post 11/12/2020

Have the mysteries of God been so hidden in your bible that you want Jesus himself to teach you? The Prophet Jeremiah said, when your ask with all your heart, he will reveal them. David said a contrite heart accepts the mysteries of the Holy One. What's the secret? Today we will discuss a current encounter I am having with Our Lord, and three significant keys to access: The recognition of him as friend, more than commander, and King of battalion armies; the realization he will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory; and finally, the freedom from the fear of wrath. Ready to receive impartation and visualization of this majestic place we call home?

The throne room is a mystery to many, unless you have been like me, and have suffered the will of being persecuted, to the point my will was crushed. I mean my stubbornness; never to return. He doesn't always required hardship, to enter into fellowship. Children adore Jesus, and don't even know they are sitting in the lap of the Father. My childhood was marked with abuse; but in the infinite plan of God, he used the allowance of abuse, to quench my earthly pride, and find no other approval accept God; through suffering the rejection of all men. It's the crucifixion of all things not YOU. Then only when you don't know how much brown sugar to put in your oatmeal, without fear of obesity do, you call on him within you. Suddenly you are in his throne room asking a question. Is it that easy you ask? Absolutely! He's your dearest friend.

Being friends with Jesus is not just sugar and peppermint, almond-milk, coffee, that he anoints to give you visions in your sanctuary - as he does with me. It is also the deep mysteries like dual citizenship that Paul talked about, when he said our conversions are in heaven where we seek his face like David. I don't know this by scripture alone. Tonight Jesus talked to me for over an hour while I smoked a cigarette, he gave me and consecrated. He trimmed away my stress of having too large a ministry plan, of a mega church, and all the hype, and began teaching the plans of church gathering in the future, and how to reach billions of people with just a click (that's another story all together). In this encounter he laid hands on me while I kissed his feet in heaven. He did this several times as I watched him. How could I watch him do this? We are multidimensional as he is. Our spirit is in heaven awaiting our tour of the earth to finalize, just like Jesus. The Holy Spirit we possess in heaven intercedes with groaning only we can see in heaven, and at many times with Jesus himself like tonight, as I groaned for answers. I watched this play out in my mind as he told me what I was experiencing. You may ask is it in scripture? Only if you ask him to teach. This is the riches of his Glory that fills the Heavens and Earth with Presence.

Presence is not just on the Earth, it is in hell too in the lake of fire! Where he baptizes the soul of wickedness with fire, to burn away all upon the foundation of who we are not, in our risen nature. Last night I experience excruciating loss to my fallen nature, so I thought in a moment, which my spirit could only see it happen in the dream; but never felt in my body or spirit. I plunged with force into the lake of fire, where curses of greed where plunged into fierce heat, and the might, and fury of his wrath; delivering my spirit from corruption to prepare me to kiss his feet tonight. Then I ascended to his throne after I was washed by fire, and freed from the plague of greed forever. Never once was he mad at me! He hates the soul of sin. It never was us, it never became us, it was the conscience of sin, which is the only thing Jesus delivered to Satan for the destruction of. These are also found in your scriptures. Paul so vehemently hated the spotted gown of the fornicator, that he delivered him over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, for the Spirit to be saved. Count God's wrath for you, and not against you. He always preserves his Seed, Christ in you the hope glory!

Well my friends, as you have seen this marvelous encounter, you recall David's words penned for every soul and finished in Christ; “You will not leave my soul in hell, but will deliver Me.” While we wrestle with ideas as to whether we should command legions or fight principalities; we often neglect the intimate nature of our friend, who wants so eagerly to set you free from from all your worries, and strengthen you in your seated position with him, as you are cooking, as you read, and perform household choirs. Why do I know this? I see you in the Spirit right now. I overlook you as a guardian and friend, who wants you to have his riches and be free from the fear of his anger. It is but for a moment, that he blinks his eye at your dissidence, and forever remembers his promise he made with you the day you were contrived on the Earth in the womb. His body has many members; but we have all received the fullness of his Grace. We each have a unique expression of him at any moment in time, and eternity, as HIStory and not our own. Good night friends. Be sure to tune into the next leaf of the digital book I am writing, as his presence takes us to depths and height we can only experience with him, and enjoy his presence on Earth as it in Heaven.

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