Cost Effective Way to Eat Like a Queen

What does Abigail love about food? Well knowing a little about her, she likes the facts. One morning she told me she had Japanese Sushi. Knowing a little about raw meat I asked my mentor about sushi. He told me that raw meat kills appetite and also your digestive tract leading to cancer. It also causes bloating. Since my mentor has more than a PHD in physiology I mentioned it to her.

So how do you avoid eating Holly Wood fables of a King's meal and live on the cost effective side of market place buys. You see billionaires that really know what they are doing, take some lessons from the ancients. If you have ever traveled to Italy like I have, you know they stick to basics. Pizzas are no more than tomato paste they have made, and excellent Florence Valley cheeses. Not a wopping Caesar Pizza; although they have perfected the height of pizza in America. What Italy taught me is that our basics in the grocery store are cheap and affordable but just as elegant as Italy. So you want to know how to spice up your luncheon?

How about Creole Bread and Eggs with some Italian/German Hash Browns topped with natural tomato past that tastes the same as Luca's back alley piazza pizzerias?

Since me and my mentor celebrate many cultures in one recipe, we have learned to partner together when making a new dish. Since the cultures today are a blend of tribes; why not celebrate life by breaking some old traditions?

First you take regular Russell's Potatoes, not some high priced organic brand, because reality all the scare about pesticides and growing processes are more hype and alarm than you know. Take your grater and get you a nice mound of freshly grated potato while you heat grandma's griddle. Get out your favorite ranch style eggs as well.

Then as your German hash browns are getting golden brown, take out a small can of Safe Way Kitchen Select tomato past for your basic Italian flare to top your hash browns with.

Then get some simple Safe Way Select Wheat Bread. Why not Gluten free? My mentor said that small amounts of gluten in modern bread is not harmful if you are moderate with bread. There is a lot hype in modern science that is killing peoples taste for wholesome home cooked meals and more. Butter your bread like you know which side of your toast is buttered for you, like grandma says. Honor yourself with a teaspoon of natural butter. A teaspoon for each slice? Isn't that unhealthy? According to my Doctor friend, natural butter doesn't have harmful ingredients that modern fake butter has like Grandma's seduction of Olio, and a teaspoon per slice is moderate.

Grandma has been seduced too by modern doctors, so not all what she says is table talk; but what I do know about Grandma, is has never lost the joy for cooking at home. So you ready to ditch the crowded Sushi bar and get home with your lover and taste some Creole Toast?

Sprinkle a lite covering of any ordinary Creole spice on your buttered bread and grill it! I use Tony Chachere's. Then remove your toast and serve yourself one sunny side up egg, and if you are like me, you don't always crack opportunity in patience, so you can scramble a broke yoke for diversity.

Then take your sunny and scrambled thoughts and toss them on your Creole toast and your side of German/Italian hash browns and you just had a delicate blend of carbohydrates, some healthy fats, and protein, that even this Doctor doesn't argue about. In fact he says it's the way the ancients use to eat. A little bit of Dad's Louisiana Creole, Grandma's shopping list and Italian memories with a little of stubborn German tradition.

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