New 9 Month Series | The Solid Food of the Wise (Free)

Updated: Mar 28

Predictive Knowledge is the influence of something stable, timely, accurate and sometimes mysterious. With every prediction there is a certain level of intimacy with the one who makes that prediction and a certain threshold where the presence of knowledge vanishes.

In this 9 Month Arena of Solid Foods for the Wise, we outline a predictive realm of operation that will build authority, unity in mindset, and applicable favor with billions of people, not just a select group. Since these predictive applications are founded truths and not theory, we have a rather quick access to multitudes of operations going on around us where we begin to take on new realms of privilege, new image, and more fit ways to applying our talent.

To start this nine month series out we thought we would treat you with a realm we have access to and that is film rights: we are going to treat you with our feature short film "Prediction".

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