New Features

Hey folks,

Great to see all the support you are giving this month. We have had a handful of participants this month, we are really excited about. Many people have visited the site; and as you can see there are new features.

Whether you are visiting from a mobile or tablet; you can easily acquaint yourself to the smart icons on the home page, that will guide you to all the site has to offer. Once in the site, those icons will give you direct reference to anywhere you need to go. We are working to make your experience more enjoyable and accessible every day.

If you note there are both a new Xcellent Radio show and a new host of predictive Short Films that have been hand procured and edited and directed by Tav Bevan. The radio show gives you direct insight to what our G Logic classes involve, plus moments where rare keys of knowledge will be disclosed, and informative pre-released ideas will be shared before new products are even made. The film library will be updated as more predictive realms are discovered.

Keep an eye here for new product releases, and my daily journals and articles.

Well here's to supporting your 100X future. If you want email updates, just sign up your account to get email updates, and or register your wallet for donations. All donations require a federal IRS 709 Inheritance tax form to be filed. Those proceeds are not a 501C3 deductible donation; but with our G Logic class room you will find you get an even better return on your donations.

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