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Power of 1%

The Power of 1%

Remember you don't get 100% results, unless you start with 1% effort. Seed, then the shoots, then the fruit. Often times we start a new habit; we have massive turnout on the first day. Then all fails. We don't know why the next day there is no energy. Why is this?

The reality is; everyone's 1% dies every time; because Jesus said "Unless a corn of seed falls into the earth and dies, it abides alone." You plant the new seed, but scientifically the seed dies to produce the fuel through the dying outer shell to feed the new roots. This also true of neurons in the brain.

Every good deed dies; only God raises what he wants to remain and produce fruit. Have a good day everyone. God's high hand of favor be upon you. Thank you everyone for such an open platform to share. Many blessings upon you and this group.

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