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Secret to Zero Loss

The Secret to Zero Loss

You see there is something that I have learned having suffered martyrdom and lived. I was jailed for my faith and suffered a near death experience. I was planted as a seed to destroy massive oppression. We see failure as an end. What I have learned from living through a near death experience is the sovereign grace of God to raise me from the dead.

I have a proven principle I call zero loss. The bible says there are many intentions in a mans heart, even our enemies; but the Lord's council will stand. Anything done by the spirit of who you are in God suffers no loss. Only deception moves people away from collecting their great reward laid up in heaven when we are persecuted. Jesus said great is our reward when men speak all manner of lies and injustice against us. What few Christians have understood is those rewards are brought down from heaven in agreement in prayer, so our ability to do great exploits, enter us into the "Greater works than these..." plan of life.

Because we have learned that Paul suffered many near deaths, we find the greater works than Jesus were accomplished in him. Knowing even death does not stop the plan of God from heaven.

As an apostle I not only suffered a near death once. Like Paul said I die daily. I have suffered a near death more than once. Two heart failures under extreme pressure plot of a family that denied my salvation in 1999 and plotted against me. Even a malicious plot of a community of evil doers that sought to do me in by leaving me to the streets after my family plotted against me. One time I laid down in a park in a rain storm, because I had no shelter and my car was taken away from me by a trick of the enemy; I began to pray that the Lord take me home. The Lord began to council me on how to leave my body. In a half hour my heart went into cardiac arrest, after a passerby reported me to the EMT's