The Reverse of the Party (Subscription)

Updated: Mar 28

Will the democrats walk away with no whine or will they receive a peculiar season of shouting? Is Trump with out a Golden Cup at the party and what does the next 20 years look like in glimpse of prediction? Let's see what a desperate show of events will look like. . .

It's a glorious night watch because the King is Lovely. When desperation is all you have, it's like having no wine but empty clay pots; but then in a moment of desperation the Master appears cheerful to turn a desperate party into new fellowship with new wine. How does this miracle take place you may ask? Glad you asked! You have to realize desperation is a weapon that was allowed to prosper, to bring humility, transformation through listening, and the submission through Grace. Let's unfold how this desperate season is turned into new wine.

As you know a weapon has been formed in the highest position of international affairs. The president elect by fraud has wounded the church because of her pride. This desperation is because many have drank up all the wine. We should be merry! But the governor of the feast is shouting from his presidential seat “We have no wine.” Yet Jesus is saying a new season has come where I am taking all the desperation of 2020 to show you desperate groans are prayers interpreted by the Holy Spirit too! His intercession is going to reverse the pots on the table and the silver cup in the presidents hand will be reversed with a golden cup tried by fire and ready. Will Trump and Biden both get filled with new wine?

The desperation of losing the votes by fraud, because it will be reversed on them. This will bring a sudden leanness to the Democratic party the Lord told me as water from the facet poured over me in the shower, but in my desperation I was intent to be showered with new wine. Ever had showers of wine cleanse your soul of bitterness. I asked will Biden get an inheritance too as Trump brings the sudden reversal to the polls. The Lord told me leanness and the prayers for an enemy will bring nearly a decade of repentance to Biden before he taken home, and he will reverse his course and become at times an Ally to the Trump administration if the Church prays for his repentance or will have a nasty call of having no wine. This was the transformation I needed at time where the pressure has been so intense all I could do was listen to Jesus on how to throw a party.

His submission through grace happened at a moment of encountering Grace himself. Grace is the person of Jesus. He cheerfully said Ephesian 3:14 through the rest of the chapter is the prayer he wants us to pray for the lackadaisical church who sees no more wine and to turn the whine of the Governor of the feast in to merry celebration of the Jesus he sees in the midst of the party in both sides of the feast. The Lord told me two things happen: the left will split. Those who repent will present not pretense but the water of their work will be turned into an inheritance they will share with the Right. Those who go away empty will be in a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth that will be an underground root of bitterness in the camp of the damned that will emerge in 20 years as a grass root movement after Trump's Legacy ends with his son as a presidential hopeful. Does Jesus lie? Lets watch the new wine emerge as prophets learn that their tribulations are for the gentiles glory.

Faint not at my tribulations among the prophets my dearly Beloved, says the Lord, it is for the glory of the suffering Church to see that not all weapons prosper and some are allowed to wound pride and disable soldiers from never needed to fight the battle anymore because the transformation has led to mastery, as they have received the crown of Grace for suffering, to enter a new season as diplomats. Time to rest my Saints. Battle Over New Land won, to fill cups with new wine. Ready to party? The husband was quietly preparing his feast, he Jesus, even though this is the beginning of his miracles before a season of grass root suffering comes after these 20 years of restoration. What comes next? Stay tuned!

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