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January 4th 2021, Tav Bevan

Ever had a task so big it hurt to think about it, or steps to a goal that were hard too visualize? Perhaps you are struggling with a hemispheric learning style you are used to: but the problems solving that you are introduced is requiring you to have a different structure to your learning, or more adapted to your individual learning style. Learning styles are both a left brain sequential necessity, or a right brain global picture, that break down into a 10X mindset everyone can develop in time.


Time is the initial ingredient. Recently I suffered a mild heart stroke. Where my hearts blood vessels mildly ruptured in places, sending cold trickling sensation down my heart; all because I was having problems coaching a client. The stress could have been illuminated just knowing my client could not see my global plan for her; because she needed sequential steps and not a macro picture. She is a left brain planner when it comes to her business and learning style. Left brain thinking is a sequential, and numbered or often symbolic or letter oriented process of learning. Rather than a visual display of the plans. When thinking with left brain development; one needs to take a right brain projection and jot out the lines on the map to take one step at a time, or the map looks like uncharted territory, too daunting to dare a foot of trust and safety. To love yourself you cannot forsake a visual picture from a right brain thinker. To love them you must learn to receive a small amount of the picture at a time; then process the steps, symbolism, and structured numbers and letters to proceed in your walk through the material.


Material objects and visual territory is a great asset to right brain thinkers. The love they need from a left brain thinker is to know how to take their macro view and lead them to break things down into manageable steps or the outcome can even temporarily effect your health. Lucky for me I healed with a short visit to the ER, hence my Eternal Rescue. Right brain thinkers love image oriented thinking; they often wade through levels and steps and processes till they see the full picture, before they will accept the climax and satisfaction of a sexy thought; sometimes leaving their partner yearning for just a hint of submission.


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