#3 Keys to Billions Library

#3 Keys to Billions Library

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Jesus named dynasty as it was in Classical Times with his Epic portrayal of his own manhood. He spoke of coming back for 10 virgins who were his top choice. Not choosing just one to marry, he leveraged his prosperity of kingdom mindset to see that 10 virgins represented a royal fulfillment of the law both in Israel and Rome in symbolism within his speech.


This is a nine month journey to thinking like royalty and owning the rewards. This is my top choice as a curator; because customs must not ever incriminate the purity of the freedom of permission. Permission is at the heart of dynasty living. It is what separates adultery in Jesus' time with the upholding of dynamic kingdom preparation. What virgins do is permit the view of the coming king. He now has privilege to take his courtship to a new level of inheritance.


Although ten were given privilege, only the top chosen five held his high court honor of: putting his father's kingdom first, no other image but that of mastery in his name, the confession that leads to honest service in mentoring the young, the prodigious task of serving strangers the king's most royal realms, and the pastoral-ship of honest humility such as training young women how to prepare.


This answer to a $10 Billion network need not be confused with anything more than a king's right, and a royal woman's honor to make sure she appreciates the oil of honest living. This hand procured documentary is yours for in home viewing of your living quarters in the hall of dynasty living in your own collection. This is my Top Choice; because freedom to a King is the willingness to prepare for more than just cash flow, it's his legal right to have top choice, and she is the top choice of the Kingdom – his prepared bride. The reason for the investment! And the answer of how you can have massive payment!


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