#2 | 1% Leverage Library

#2 | 1% Leverage Library

SKU: 1% Seed

When war is far from your mind, and the times of hope spring loud and clear, your many kisses are signs that the battle for the time to plan for marriage are over. 1% Leverage is a full array of thought. Could she ever grow to sick of honey love, or is there a time to lay down ones life for a new family beyond the proposal?


Perhaps the valiant would say it's time to trade in war for building a family; laying down the sword and pickup the plow shear for his bride. The many thoughts could be she is so sick with fantasy she is ready for the man to come alive with his passion to serve her as a queen.


Though a soldier is fond of his days hunting new lands, it's time to settle not for second best which would be tiring war path; but top choice - the romance of a new home and business. Family is always served by reminders of where it all began. Perhaps your proposals for business can be blessed with where you traded in the war path for family.


When this piece "1% Seed", you will remember why you chose sacrifice over slavery to war. Laying down your life for your bride is the best way to honor her with this gift. Or wives to remember their most precious days of being taken into her future. Today I show you nothing more than how to leverage just 1% of finance to become completely independent from the war path, and live in supply and not in debt to the future.






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