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The Rescue of Harlots

The Rescue of Harlots


The deep mystery of redemption is surrounded by a dark mist of prayer in the throne room, from the coals of redemption burning on the alter; but revealed to those who look beyond the mist of the prayers of the earth to see your prayers are being answered; as Jesus gave me this revelation in my mind as I spent time in the Temple of God in prayer and first saw this revelation.


Jesus spoke to me and said harlots are his favorite choice for brides; because he plans to visit the darkest areas of the earth and redeem the beauty of these women and men trapped in forbidden sex, to claim them back to him as his royal brides.


A coal from the alter must be placed to your lips, to cleanse you from perversity of your lips, to see this image and speak this over your children as a declaration over your family, your church fellowship, and your community inheritance.


This piece will adorn your wall of the coming victory this city, this nation, and nations of the world will see this season, as sudden repeated mercy captures the most difficult of situations. The end of his promise is royal robes and rings of inheritance that he has shown me for another time to reveal.


This 80" wall hanging will be printed with the promptest service, archival inks and a private delivery to your location upon your visit to the print shop for your choice of frame.


It comes with a life-time, single distribution lisence, to hang one print per purchase of lisence, and unlimited reprints for it's survival as long as the file is up to date.


It is highly advised to update the file every 5 years to ensure the file does not get replaced with more higher technology.


$3000 will go to help support Israel.


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