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Back Light is a One Voice Answer to Financing

There is just two options: speak with confidence and have zero loss, or doubt and do without. Black Light has harnessed the heart of investing where situations require an answer that will mobilize people into action. We have a zero loss track record; because everything we have done has been a choice we were well prepared to make, an opposition we did not waver to, and never accepting loss as proof of who we are, what we stand for, and the people we serve. Get access to up to $500MM of investment capital every month, at our Kings Kaledocope Bank of the Nations. Whatever your spectrum of interest is, we offer 0 down, and 0% interest, on all our inheritance grants and lending.




We create films that shape culture by penetrating our light into dark places. Take a look at some of the ways we have created impact globally.

Get access to some of our most recent case studies, and ways you can learn to create sustainable futures for the world.

Enjoy the light of our investment work and see how we have created world impact starting from our early roots in investing.


In 2020 AXIS COMMAND launched a 9 billion dollar 5G network system with Safari Com in Africa to boost signal to people in country, so that a 16 year old could get talent training on the internet from a smart phone. People in Africa spend a $60 bus fair to cities, more on a phone plan, because they can transfer money and get an education rather than a one way fair to these locations. We also launched a 1 Billion dollar hub with T Mobile here in the U.S. with our external partners. This has created massive equity for our coaching platform, creating a one trillion dollar coaching industry.

Eye of the Beholder

When you think your problems are large, you need to consider how small they in light of how big God is. Jesus gave me the above image in a vision when facing financial crisis. Looking into his eye lets you know why we have been massively successful in what we do, and why we only work with people that can stare into his eyes and accept vision. Even the largest of companies that do not accept this way of thinking are destine to fail. These are fools we don't work with. Choose from our film library for inspiration.


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With our Fair Use film directing, we take historical film footage and make 100% original new films that take prolific scenes no one will recognize balanced with well known scenes, blended into a new scripted plot that no one has ever seen before. With constitutional rights that allow this feat; we protect the original author by procuring history, limit market share competition, do not modify original works, while creating 100% new ideas.

With film directing we are able to influence the general public on issues concerning war, address the need for policy change, and bring God into a central spotlight in ways the Christian industry has never seen before. This brings revenue share into our coaching platform to create sustainability without stealing market share from the film industry, and gives us access to over 100 billion dollars worth of film footage.

Every one has a unique advantage with their talent. No one on this planet has our signature finger print or our proprietary talent; meaning we are in high demand with a 7 billion man answer, no one has. In light of the fact that we do not copy others; but create 100% new origination in our work, we are unrivaled in our historic significance to let others shine while improving on history. It's a billionaires mindset.


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Being the CEO of Black Light financial; I have taken extreme measures to protect the economy and the people that create it; by living off .0001% of the total net worth of our total assets. This means we have been able to influence 100's of the thousands of people across the globe about the foundation of this nation's greatness, while living off very little. With the great conflicts in this nation and across the globe this company is a significantly well cultivated soil for investing in due to the fact our answers are in demand, and we have a 1 Billion dollar platform that delivers the answers. With a balanced 4 quarter budget, we invest in early adopters, prosper growing markets, scale down so expansion can become stabilized, and create sturdy foundation for late market opt ins.