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Father's Blessing

Today many live a double life; they do not perceive the Father's Blessing and there a false perspective is conceived about the success they have and the terrible times of of tribulations they face.

The path gets way brighter when people know the truth they were denied as young people. Once we start to unravel the great mystery of Christ, and find the hidden wisdom of the relationship of the Holy Spirit, does ancient history make sense and become applicable in today's modern world. Once this happens a holy fire and anger towards the counterfeit life shuns evil, and we exit tribulations now knowing it was not meant for the Beloved. Journey with me today and enjoy this broadcast.



Without alignment to the thrones God has given you to possess; a person aimlessly lives in the sunken pleasures of the kingdom of darkness; but once the alignment of heaven comes, people lift into the heavenly position of the full stature they possess in heaven. Then the old pleasure of the land of foreign comforts seems so painful and hard to even consider in light of the freedom found in heavenly places.

Today you will find what is not written in literal passages of the bible; but what is abundant throughout the pages of it in the application of years of spending time with Jesus in the heavenly places to now reveal what heaven wants you to know about thrones, and the connection with Christ's over arching victory.


Kingdom Dominion

To leave behind the suffering and shame so many people hide from the public eye in isolation; take on what you already have hidden within you. Learning how to make proper judgements leads you away from false perspectives and the traps they bind you with; to now live in the authority of your risen identity.

This broadcast open a person up to fullness and completion instead of imposter living.

Seldom do people enjoy the sin they live in accept the pleasure of dying to it. When you know Kingdom Dominion, you will want nothing else.


Inheritance Blessing

Those who find the Blessing learn that things like honor, acceptance, approval, success, wealth is not measured by performance or selling out to worldly fashions; they find this all is the attraction they have effortlessly, as they live in full satisfaction of their Father.

Gone is the days of endless toil to please unpleasing people, and snares of the injustice of those who hold no regards to heaven. You know the difference between slavery to the to do list of others, and the new found land of immediate promise.

Take a journey to learn how this land is present both in heaven and earth, as well as why it is yours for the taking.

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Day 3
Accessing Harvest
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Harvest Grapes
Day 2
Day 4

Much of the Western world theology is known by a relationship with history and not with Christ. The many gems of salvation the early church suffered to learn, in times of imprisonment where high Kingdom revelations from the throne room came, have been lost. Where as Peter is even recorded in an Epistle as saying some of Paul's writing were hard to obtain; are made ready to the seeker of the Throne of Christ. In deep suffering we learn treasures from heaven that give mighty, prolific look at how significant and over arching Jesus final work was, and his seated position upholds.

Take this final message as a way to rest in what is now already complete; but now revealed to his apostles and prophets for you to behold.


Over Arching victory

Creating Tomarrow
Day 5

This is the last class that embarks you now on a higher pursuit of heavenly things. To know the power of visitations and visions from the throne of Christ.

Today you will learn how amazing you may find your fullness to be, as I candidly take you through my own experiences in vivid displays of the Father's glory.

This is the point of no return. You will find the tangible reality of heaven yours. This is a lesson of many lessons found in the fuller broadcasts to come for your donation of $2000 per high level engagement.

Thanks for taking the journey and making your pledge to this ministry. We highly are pleased in your sacrifice.


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