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100 x rEALITY

One of the most fascinating things about nature is that it testifies of a greater return on 1% than just 10X.

One ear of corn in harvest season will be enough to break the yoke of poverty to a trained mind or be the last bite to eat.

One kernel produces just 100 more kernels on rows of that ear. Enough to produce 100X more stocks with up to 2-3 ears per an annual investment. Not to mention the other 900 kernels you could eat. Sounds pretty cool huh?

Today I share a story of a billionaire mind set, that destroyed over $50K worth of hospital bills, when I only started investing just $5, using the principles found in this lesson. Do you want to destroy debt?

I did in less than 6 months, ending my 9-5 that season because all my bills were paid by money working for me.


TOP 1%

Many people don't realize that just 1% of a total debt to living expense, is all you will need to invest to disable your daily costs to food, clothing and shelter.

The key is the size of your seed.

Today me and my wife have claimed our first harvest of the season, of over a 100G in a film endorsement, because of the scale of the 1% I leveraged many years ago against the cost of living that set things into motion.

It's called a "Dream Seed".

The size of seed you invest into other people dreams to claim the reciprocation into your own live just that much more.

You may think I am some rich hip kid with all the dough; but the reality is I invested in the poorest regions of the earth.



People chase after money only to drown them in deep sorrow, because their armor of gratitude is pierced through with many cares of this life. You don't chase money to become wealthy, you seek vision and the focus to produce stunning works.

With nearly 10G invested into the current mentorship network, we have procured an international backbone to a cyber secure network so that the new digital education system can thrive.

In today's lesson you will here why it's important to fly together in finance and not forsake mentorship; because these are not the only lessons you will  find to greatness. I have much more to share.

Greatness is measured by the amount of equity that was sown for you, or by you, or both. Today you will gain the vision and will learn to mirror how a billionaire thinks.

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