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Wild Freedom

Wild Freedom

Can you remember the first time you were illuminated with the wild adventure of eternal life. There was no concern that heaven was a one day opportunity; Jesus became tangible, present, your go to man. The current hurdle to this season is tradition.

Our tradition when we were in the confines of the world system, was another day of dull routine. We get up, get ready for the day, and go to our task masters. Then that vibrant time where Christ started to approach us, things started happening. Numbers popped out and seemed to have a mystical meaning, the clock started popping up 3:33 PM as you started to wonder about the trinity. Images started taking on new meaning. Tradition was canceled by the wild untamed territory of heaven invading Earth.

This season is no different. The tactic of the ruler of Egypt is on his final stretch before Passover. He is hardening the hearts of people, like Bosses, Clients, Family members, Neighbors, to make us think we have to keep working hard to get the rewards of promise.

The reality is, we have been called to worship God. This is not a hard work out routine to earn a new quota. This is praising him for the remembrance of Abraham's Promise. The promise of inheritance. While we wait to go headway into Spring Harvest, where the grapes of heaven taste so sweet, and the revelation is so tangible that we taste the honey of his sweetness; the enemy of our souls is making us think the economy of Egypt is going into recession with all the plagues hitting those who have oppressed us, and we think its going to be a long fought battle. No. That is the tradition of familiarity, that keeps the elephant in its cage, though the chains have been removed.

The reality is, in less than a month, the Lord has spoken that he is going to bring a death angel over this land to kills the first born of the task masters, so that those who have stolen our babies, our hope, our freedom to enjoy our own lands, will not have a next generation of tyrants. You are going to see small businesses, fathered by corruption, disappear. You will see large firms who father these tyrants fall. You are going to see storms that appear so devastating to the economy, burn up resources, and pestilences devour the land. It has happened, and will only get worse this next 30 days; but this is to show you, you don't want familiarity. You want the promise. These weapons of mass destruction are the angels answers to your prayers, not a judgement against you.