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A new era in film has begun. A new host of God inspired creators are here. Join me in a film launched globally. Share to your personal page with up to 10 of closest friends. We are not marketing this with finances, but the hearts of people like you who love God's creativity and make your personal vote as to if this goes viral. 

We give a special shout out to India, Cambodia, Australia, Poland, Arabia and many other places that have been touched by the outpouring of God in this last season's media.

This film is about how to disarm judgements that people make, and how disarm evil in high places, that lead to many layers of post-pandemic, societal, isolation from the homeless to top leaders. The world has been divided over societal issues, politics, war and religious persecution has abounded through all people groups. This has been a plot to stop the post pandemic awakening. This film takes an amazing look at life long plots crafted against

people and nations in the invisible realm, the shadows, to keep leaders from emerging, and brings people to face their giant and understand a universal verdict that slays the giants and disarms the planet from these looming threats. You will see why this battle is not fought with direct conflict, but the hidden realm of sniper like faith, cultivated in isolation, to make the right decisions that leverage you into the victory of the characters in the movie, like David facing his giant, and Jesus facing the anti Christ. This film holds the impact the globe needs, to see an end to war, political maneuvering, and societal discord; In the most strategic move of God yet, to empower you to let the final verdict of the Cross stand stronger than it ever has. 

Partnering with other producers through Fair Use Rights agreements to film means that we avoided making this film public nor announced it's release. We made a private billion dollar online theatre complex called "Axis Command" for heaven to invade earth through people like you to see this film bring the change Holly Wood could never do. This is why we are choosing average every day people to

vote an "Amen", like and share towards God and let his judgement stand and be the vote, not the popular money driven budgets of old. Today people like you decide if a film stands or it falls. By the Grace of God in this agreement, we give you the power to change the earth as it has in the past; but now in a greater way. Note: you are the moderators of this marketing campaign. You keep the weeds bound bundled and burned by your prayers and reports of any abuse of these posts. Proceeds in part will be donated to help Aspire Chicago: house, train, and equip people with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and many other disabilities to live independent and get jobs. We are raising finances to equip this cause when you read below and find participation in the online course work that augments this film. Not only do you get a free film, but free training to be God's Sniper's from the secret place in prayer, as you learn to develop your identity and emerge as a contender for Grace. The online training is an emergence of chronicles from the prophet Adoni Vine Bevan that have been kept hidden from the public eye for over 20 years. Secrets revealed by Jesus as time has been


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Conned out of inheritance, only to gain the world.

"You are always a CON without TEXT. Hear the full story!" - Adoni Vine

Like joseph in the bible; at an early age in my walk with God, I knew that my surrounding family of believers would bow to me one day, because I knew the secrets of their hearts, and could discern times and seasons like the sons of Issachar. I spent 13 years in isolation, in the inner prisons of life. Five times jailed for my faith. Misunderstood. Neglected. Alone. Yet the King of kings was my best friend, and gave me chronicles of revelations, as he taught me the bible himself in the Temple of His Throne. Mysteries about the time of Judgement of America, the secrets about Putin and WWW3, the Seven Years of fatness and famine on the Earth now, plus hidden ways we have moved billions of dollars across the Earth, prophetically manifesting on headline news. The X Con Platform is a strategic AI communication system that righteously conceals mystery till it's found, and utilizes Ghost Logic, a spiritual discipline that has been used to heal a deaf woman's ears in 5 seconds, as well as give me high authority in finance - the secrets to living predictively. Enjoy below what the Lord has to say to you!


Artwork by Adoni Bevan

"God's snipers are people who are equipped to take down opposition through razor sharp intercession, that does not harm people; but attacks and destroys the very works of darkness that opposes our relationships, politics and our spiritual freedoms. All by understanding and discerning the difference between the true nature of humanity and the counterfeit." - Adoni Vine

spent in the Temple with Him to hear about:
- WW3 
- The Judgement of America
- How to Overcome the 7 Year Famine (now here)
- Secrets about Trump and the new ideas God has for leadership
- Clues to Angelic Visitation
- How the Father's Blessing Works
- How to Predict and See the Outcome
- Secrets to 10,000 Fold Faith 
- Keys to Destroy Debt and Leverage the Harvest
- How to Make your Home a Place for God to Abide
- How Jesus can be your Closest Best Friend

Being born in the Israel of God, I have had a high favor to know my roots in Jesus. Due to this I have devoted my last ten years to co produce with some of the top film directors of my times, films that have only been seen by an exclusive audience. You never know when you meet people of influence; especially when they are just beginning among you as equals.

The film was funded by my philanthropy projects that have predicted outcomes of massive breakthrough globally, leading to over $100MM of film right acquisitions of

rare scenes produced that many have not been seen or clips that don't make it to the box office, yet regretfully discarded and new generated scenes. These archives are cleverly procured into new film footage and films the public has not seen. Totally scripted, produced and edited into a brand new originals in connection with the Black Light Network of digital influencers hosted by Axis Worship Media.

We have developed a multi billion dollar theatre system that transplants an internet theatre into the hands and location of any one who wants a franchise key. The franchise key is duplicated in a second, and an entire movie theatre is replicated without building costs of a brick and mortar system of old - giving people business opportunities and home theatre advantage to a rare undisclosed film library of my latest productions like "Proxy" and its sequel "Dimensions" - a two film series from a vivid dream I had in 2018 about the Judgement of America and the four beasts in Daniel chapter 7 and the secrets of nuclear war. A must watch.

We chose Influencer Magazine of Northern Colorado and North American Philanthropy Network and many other top placed groups on face book like yours, as our hosting

grounds to share this generous film, along with opportunity for people to enter our AI platform that teaches any person who wants keys to a dynamic and thriving lifestyle even if they are in need of recovery. Proceeds are directed towards our Adopted Company Aspire Chicago - A network of people that help disable people train and find jobs.

Having moved from my home town when I was 4, and was later abandoned by my parents; I know what it's like to be homeless, forgotten, and gravely disabled in a foreign land; yet see these obstacles as an opportunity to learn. Having many PHD's after 20 years of study and now the last 10 years of application; I find it an honor to give people access to this AI coaching platform, that uses films, documentaries, and podcasts to train people an uplevel experience that will transform your DNA with scientific results we have used, that even opened a deaf woman's ears in five seconds. Get a free pass to the latest film, plus keys to healing anything in the body to understand your predictive nature utilized in creating massive wealth procurement in my life and now yours, and more at our VIP platform.


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