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No more narrow margins.

"Your significance is not found in another, but unrivaled in who you are!" - Adoni Vine

If you are a person of any spiritual persuasion in the full inherent innocence of history and want to narrow your focus in your education to expand your margins safely in a new expansive realm of total liberation of historical limits and oppression of spirituality, get vision for your future, expand your public office of communication, develop a lucrative career, an honorary position of legacy, develop your world family view, build your courtship for lifetime royalty, manage personal assets, have a strong witness in society and home, and have a rich contentment and long lasting freedom; then you will enjoy at strong education at our GEO Campus. The material in this website is for the viewing audience of age limits imposed to parental consent for age 16 and up. Legal access at federal level of 18 or older. If you willingly do not comply with this policy you testify upon hitting the button below you will bear the consequences, and burden of responsibility to the full extent of all law for breaking this oath of agreement and deed required, and may be subject to litigation, probation, and extended and prolonged health rehabilitation at expense to you for not accepting our warning of consent to imposed policy on all levels of safe council. Our full extent of legacy and inheritance is subject to world court immunity against all claims outside this agreement, and legal action against this policy is reversed burden and damages on claimants who challenge these claims at the expense of your negligence.


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